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please feel free to email marilyn if you have a question not listed here.

q. will people be able to tell that i'm wearing extensions?
a. the majority of clients want the most subtle, invisible look possible, and we are happy to accommodate. anyone who has never met you will not be able to tell that the extensions aren't your very own hair.

q. can you match the highlights in my hair and can i continue to get my highlights done?
this one is easy-we tend to use color blends with hair, especially with light browns and blondes-the very top of your hair will not have extensions on, so we generally match the color you have at the nape of your neck, and we can match the streaks if you like. your colorist simply works around the extensions to re-color. we can also use extensions to give you highlights without compromising your hair.

q. will extensions ruin my hair?
in order to not have damage or breakage, the extensions must be attached where your hair grows, and the methods we offer are the least damaging of those available. plus we have had no trouble in careful removal, as we use a high quality phosphate that turns into a powder and comes out easily in removal. most damage happens when an inexperienced stylist doesn't take care in the application or removal processes. we are trained and certified and take the time needed to ensure proper application and proper removal. i have plenty of clients who would be happy to talk to you about their experiences.

q. can i talk to your clients and get a referral?
absolutely! email marilyn for a list.

q. i have very short hair-can i get extensions?
if your hair is at least 3-5 inches long, you can get extensions, however, what you won't get is a one length look-it will have to be layered throughout into a shag cut. short hair appointments take longer, but the overall effect is great.


q. how long will it take to add extensions to my own hair?
appointments run an average of 2-4 hours. for people with less hair (not necessarily fine hair) the appointments are shorter, for a lot of hair the appointments are longer.

q. do i need to buy expensive special shampoos and conditioners?
you can use exactly the same products of your choice on your new hair that you would on your very own irreplaceable head of hair. be light on conditioners, though, as they do loosen the bond. i would also avoid oil-based conditioners and all silicone products, as they may cause the hair to slip.

q. can i use a hairdryer, hot rollers, hot sticks, tongs and other styling equipment?
yes, you can use all of the above, we only use real human hair.

how long will my extensions last?
it's different for everyone but averages 4-6 months.

q. do you have a cosmetology license? can you cut and blend my extensions?
a. yes.

q. can i bath, shower, swim, go out in the wind and rain, and play sports in my new extensions?
your new hair will look as fabulous wet as real hair does, and the extension joins will not show in water. you can wash and style your extensions exactly as you would your own hair (do be a little gentler). extensive water exposure will loosen bonding though-so dry carefully after. if you swim a lot, i recommend you wear a swim cap.

q. are extensions reusable?
a. marilyn has tried some re-bondable hair but the quality was so inferior, she no longer offers this.

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